Harness Editions

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Harness is available in three versions, to meet different users' needs:

  • Harness Professional – This is our enterprise version, licensed by annual subscription based on your usage needs. It supports flexible scaling, custom integrations, and extended data analysis.
  • Harness Community – This version is free to use, forever. It limits daily deployments, and limits certain other usage parameters and integration options.
  • Harness Trial – This is a free 15-day trial of almost all Harness Professional features (excluding unlimited Services, license-based Service Instances, and the on-premises setup option).

Migrating Between Editions

If you choose to move from the full-featured Harness Trial to the free Community Edition, you'll need to remove or adjust any premium features you've configured. The Harness Manager UI will prompt you to make any required changes. For details on this process, see Migrating to Harness Community.

Comparing Editions

Below is a detailed comparison of the three Harness editions' offerings.

Free TrialFree forever15-day trial15-day trial
ApplicationsUnlimitedUnlimitedSame as Professional
PipelinesUnlimitedUnlimitedSame as Professional
Service Instances50Based on Number of Licenses50
Deployments100-per-day throttleUnlimited100-per-day throttle
Users5UnlimitedSame as Professional
Pipeline BuilderYesYesSame as Professional
Workflow WizardsYesYesSame as Professional
Deployment Strategies (e.g., Canary)YesYesSame as Professional
Real-Time Delivery AnalyticsYesYesSame as Professional
Live NotificationsEmail OnlySlack, Jira, ServiceNow, and EmailSame as Professional
Verification—HTTP Assertions, Jenkins Jobs, ScriptsYesYesSame as Professional
Continuous Verification of DeploymentsYesYesSame as Professional
Continuous Verification—24/7 Service GuardYesSame as Professional
Manual RollbacksYesYesSame as Professional
Automatic RollbacksYesYesSame as Professional
TriggersYesYesSame as Professional
Template LibraryYesSame as Professional
Flow ControlYesSame as Professional
GitOps—Configuration as CodeSingle RepositoryMultiple RepositoriesSame as Professional
GitOps—Sandboxing and Change ManagementYesSame as Professional
REST APIYesSame as Professional
Enterprise Security
Secure HTTPS ConnectivityYesYesSame as Professional
Secrets ManagementBuilt-In Secret ManagerCustom and Built-In Secret ManagersSame as Professional
Audit TrailsLimitedYesSame as Professional
Role-Based Access ControlAdministrator Group OnlyAdvanced, CustomizableSame as Professional
IP WhitelistingYesSame as Professional
Two-Factor AuthenticationYesSame as Professional
SSO—Google, Azure, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, LinkedInYesYesSame as Professional
SSO—LDAP, SAML, custom OAuthYesSame as Professional
Governance RulesYesSame as Professional
Approval FlowManualJira, ServiceNow, Custom, and ManualSame as Professional
Historical Data
Retention Period for Historical Deployments7 Days (View-Only)6 MonthsSame as Professional
Retention Period for Audit Trails7 Days1 YearSame as Professional
Audit Trail Export—Daily ArchivalYesSame as Professional
Customer Support
Documentation/Knowledge BaseYesYesSame as Professional
CommunityYesYesSame as Professional
24/7 SupportYesSame as Professional
Deployment Choices
SaaSYesYesSame as Professional
Number of Harness Delegates1UnlimitedSame as Professional

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