Trigger Workflows and Pipelines

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Triggers automate deployments using a variety of conditions, such as Git events, new artifacts, schedules, and the success of other Pipelines.

To trigger Workflows and Pipeline using the Harness GraphQL API, see Trigger Workflows or Pipelines Using GraphQL API.

You can always execute a Workflow or Pipeline manually, and a Trigger does not change any approval requirements in a Workflow or Pipeline.

When you configure a Trigger, you set the condition that executes the Trigger, whether to execute a Workflow or Pipeline, and then the specific actions of the Trigger, such as what artifact source to use.

For a list of the different Triggers and options in Harness, see the following:

For information on using Triggers as part of Harness Git integration, see Onboard Teams Using Git.

To prevent too many Workflows or Pipelines from being deployed to the same infrastructure at the same time, Harness uses Workflow queuing. See Workflow Queuing.

Troubleshooting Trigger Permissions

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