Deployment Freeze

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Deployment Freeze is a Harness Governance feature that stops all Harness deployments. Freezing deployments is a helpful method of ensuring stability during periods of low activity, such as holidays, trade shows, or company events.

Intended Audience

  • Developers
  • DevOps
  • Managers

Before You Begin

Deployment Freeze Overview

Typically, the more automated a deployment is, the safer it becomes. Automated deployments remove the errors that cause risk because they are a continual process. This has never been more accurate than with Harness Continuous Verification.

Yet, there are times when even the few personnel needed for Harness deployments are occupied with other events, such as holidays. In these cases, freezing deployments helps prevent deployments from introducing new issues.

Harness 24x7 Service Guard

Freezing Harness deployments does not mean changes aren't happening in the deployment environment. User and system events are always taking place, and your microservice dependencies remain active.

Events and dependencies are why Harness 24x7 Service Guard is so powerful. 24x7 Service Guard catches problems that surface minutes or hours following deployment.

For more information, see 24x7 Service Guard.

Freeze Deployments

When Deployment Freeze is enabled, deployments cannot be started manually or automatically using a Trigger.

Active deployments are allowed to complete when Deployment Freeze is enabled.

If you need to abort, pause, or rollback a running deployment, see Abort or Rollback a Running Deployment.

The following procedure freezes Harness deployments, disabling both manual and automatic, Trigger-based deployments in your Harness account.

To freeze deployments, do the following:

  1. In Harness, click Continuous Security, and then click Governance. The Governance page appears.
  2. In Deployment Governance, next to Deployment Freeze, click OFF.
  3. When you are prompted to confirm, click Confirm. The Deployment Freeze is enabled and listed as ON.

To turn Deployment Freeze off, simply click the ON slider.

To see the effects of Deployment Freeze, click Continuous Deployments. The Start New Deployment button is disabled.

Other Harness Manager elements that are disabled:

  • Rerun deployment button in Deployments.
  • Deploy button in Workflow.
  • Deploy button in Pipeline.

Next Steps

Review the following Harness features that help you monitor and control deployments:

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