1 - Delegate, Providers, and Connectors Setup

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This topic discusses the steps needed to set up your Harness Delegate, Artifact Server, and Cloud Provider for Traditional Deployments:

Harness Delegate

The Delegate needs to be able to connect to the artifact server or repository containing the file, and the target host where the file will be deployed. Typically, the Delegate is installed on a host in the same subnet as the target host.

For steps on installing the Delegate, see Delegate Installation and Management.

For AWS, you can install the Delegate on an EC2 instance and then have the Harness Cloud Provider assume the IAM role used by the Delegate host. For more information, see Delegate Selectors in Delegate Installation and Management.

Artifact Server and Cloud Provider

Harness retrieves the package file from an artifact source using a Harness Artifact Server and deploys it to the target host using a Cloud Provider. For steps on adding these connections, see:

If the artifact is hosted on a cloud platform, such as AWS or GCP, you can use a Harness Cloud Provider for both artifact retrieval and deployment to the target host.

For example, if your artifact file is in an AWS S3 bucket and you are deploying it to an AWS EC2 instance, you can simply use one AWS Cloud Provider.

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