Connect to AppDynamics as a Custom APM

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As an alternative to Harness' standard AppDynamics integration, you can use this guide to add AppDynamics to Harness as a custom APM. This approach enables you to expand monitoring beyond Business Transactions, to cover specific metrics of interest (for example, JVM data).

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Before You Begin

Step 1: Add AppDynamics as a Custom Verification Provider

To add a Custom Metrics Provider using AppDynamics, do the following:

  1. In Harness Manager, click SetupConnectorsVerification Providers.
  2. Click Add Verification Provider. From the drop-down, select Custom Verification.

    This opens the Metrics Data Provider settings.
  3. In Type, select Metrics Data Provider, as shown above.

Step 2: Display Name

In Display Name, give the Verification Provider an arbitrary name. (You will use this name to select this provider in a Workflow.)

Step 3: Base URL

In Base URL, enter: https://<your-AppDynamics-account-name>

Ensure that you include the forward slash at the end of the URL.

Step 4: Headers

In Headers, click Add Headers, and add the following row:



Encrypted Value


Enter a base 64–encoded version of this string, representing your AppDynamics credentials:


You can also use an Open Authorization (OAuth) token-based authentication. Instead of the above credentials combination, enter your token.

For more information about generating the token, see AppDynamics API Clients documentation.


Step 5: Validation Path

In Validation Path, enter rest/applications?output=json.

The settings will now look something like this:

Step 6: Test and Submit

  1. Click Test to verify your custom verification provider.
  2. If the test succeeds, click Submit to save the custom verification provider.

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