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You can use ServiceNow tickets to track/audit the progress of Harness deployments (and Pipelines), and to approve or reject Pipeline stages or Workflows. This topic shows how to add ServiceNow as a Harness Collaboration Provider, in the following sections:

Before You Begin


Your ServiceNow account should ideally have the admin role. If this is not possible, it should have at least the itil_admin or itil role to create and modify tickets.

Your account should also have the import_admin or import_transformer role to manage import set transforms. For details, see ServiceNow's Base System Roles documentation.

Step 1: Add Collaboration Provider

Start adding a Collaboration Provider to Harness as follows:

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Connectors.
  3. Click Collaboration Providers.
  4. Click Add Collaboration Provider. This opens the default Collaboration Provider settings, which you will configure in the following steps.

Step 2: Type

Set the Type drop-down to ServiceNow. The settings now display ServiceNow-specific fields.

Step 3: Display Name

In Display Name, enter a unique name to identify this ServiceNow account connection. When you add ServiceNow steps to Workflows or Pipelines, you will select the appropriate ServiceNow account using this name.

Step 4: Base URL

In Base URL, enter the base URL by which your users access your ServiceNow applications. For example:

Step 5: Username

In Username, enter the username of the ServiceNow account to use for the connection.

Step 6: Password

In Select Encrypted Password, select or create a new Harness Encrypted Text secret.

Step 7: Usage Scope

Usage Scope is determined by the secret you used in Select Encrypted Password.

Step 8: Test and Save

  1. Click Test to check your configuration.
  2. When the test is successful, click Submit to save your ServiceNow Collaboration Provider.

Next Steps

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