Add an AWS KMS Secrets Manager

Updated 6 months ago by Chakravarthy Tenneti

To store and use encrypted secrets (such as access keys), you can add an AWS KMS Secrets Manager.

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Before You Begin

Step 1: Gather the Required Details

Either from the JSON for the Key Policy, or in the AWS IAM console, under Encryption keys, gather the following required details — Display Name, AWS Access Key ID, AWS Secret Key, and AWS Resource Name (ARN).

For more information, see Finding the Key ID and ARN from Amazon.

Step 2: Configure Secrets Manager

  1. Select Continuous Security > Secrets Management. The Secrets Management page appears.
  2. Click Configure Secrets Managers. In the resulting Secrets Managers page, the Status column indicates the Default provider.
  3. Click Add Secrets Manager. The Configure Secrets Manager dialog appears.
  4. Select AWS KMS from the drop down list.
  5. Enter the information gathered in the previous step.

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