Kubernetes How-tos

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The following How-tos guide you through some common Kubernetes tasks.

For more How-tos, see Kubernetes How-tos.

To see a summary of the changes in Harness Kubernetes Deployment Version 2, see Harness Kubernetes V2 Changes.

Review: What Workloads Can I Deploy?

In Harness, a managed workload is a Deployment, StatefulSet, or DaemonSet object deployed and managed to steady state.

Harness Canary and Blue/Green Workflow default steps support a single Deployment workload as a managed entity.

Rolling Workflow default steps support Deployment, StatefulSet, or DaemonSet as managed workloads, but not Jobs.

You can deploy any Kubernetes workload in any Workflow type by using a Harness annotation to make it unmanaged (harness.io/direct-apply).

The Apply Step can deploy any workloads or objects in any Workflow type as a managed workload.

OpenShift: Harness supports OpenShift DeploymentConfig in OpenShift clusters as a managed workload across Canary, Blue Green, and Rolling deployment strategies. Please use apiVersion: apps.openshift.io/v1 and not apiVersion: v1.

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