Kubernetes How-tos

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The following How-tos guide you through some common Kubernetes tasks.

For more How-tos, see Kubernetes How-tos.

To see a summary of the changes in Harness Kubernetes Deployment Version 2, see Harness Kubernetes V2 Changes.

Review: What Workloads Can I Deploy?

Harness Canary and Blue/Green Workflow default steps support a single Deployment workload as a managed entity.

In Harness, a managed workload is a Deployment, StatefulSet, or DaemonSet object deployed and managed to steady state.

Rolling Workflow default steps support Deployment, StatefulSet, or DaemonSet as managed workloads, but not Jobs.

You can deploy any Kubernetes workload in any Workflow type by using a Harness annotation to make it unmanaged (harness.io/direct-apply).

The Apply Step can deploy any workloads or objects in any Workflow type as a managed workload.

OpenShift: Harness supports OpenShift DeploymentConfig in OpenShift clusters as a managed workload across Canary, Blue Green, and Rolling deployment strategies. Please use apiVersion: apps.openshift.io/v1 and not apiVersion: v1.

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