Override Remote Values YAML Files

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If your Harness Kubernetes Service links to a remote repo for its values.yaml file, you can override the remote file or remote Helm chart's values.yaml.

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Before You Begin

Step 1: Pick a Store Type

  1. In the Values YAML Override section of a Harness Kubernetes Service that uses remote resource files, click Add Values.
  2. In Store Type, select Local or Remote.

Option 1: Use a Local Override

  1. Enter the YAML you want to use to override the remote Values YAML file (values.yaml).

  1. Enter any new values and click Submit. The override is added to Values YAML Override.

Option 2: Use a Remote Override

  1. In Source Repository, select the Git repo you added as a Source Repo Provider.
  2. For Commit ID, select either Latest from Branch and enter in the branch name, or Specific Commit ID and enter in the commit ID.
  3. In File path, enter the path to the values.yaml file in the repo, including the repo name, like helm/values.yaml.

Values in Services can also be overwritten in Harness Environments. For more information, see Override Harness Kubernetes Service Settings.

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