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Harness Continuous Efficiency (CE) allows you to view your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) costs, understand what is costing the most, and analyze cost trends. CE displays data for all your GCP products (such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and so on), projects, SKUs, and region, and also provides details on:

  • GCP cloud cost spending trends
  • The GCP products costing the most in a selected time range. For example, how much Compute Engine cost last week
  • Primary cost contributor, such as, product, project, SKUs, or region
  • GCP spending by region, such as, us-west1 or us-east4

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Before You Begin

Step: Analyze GCP Cost

  1. In Continuous Efficiency, click Explorer, and then click GCP in the top navigation. The GCP products are displayed.
  2. View the cost of the resources that are important to you. Select a date rangeGroup by, and Filter by options. Based on your Group by and Filter by selection, the table, and chart display information. Hover over the chart to see the details. You can Group by:
  • Products: Each of your active products with their cloud costs is displayed.
  • Projects: Each of your Cloud projects with their cloud costs is displayed.
  • SKUs: Each SKU you are using.
  • Region: Each Google Cloud service region you are currently running services in.
  • No Grouping: The total GCP cloud cost.
  1. To get further granular details, use Filter by options.

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