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This topic provides a brief summary of Harness CV methods, and lists the APM and logging providers that integrate with Harness.

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CV Methods Summary

Harness Continuous Verification has two methods, Deployment Verification and 24/7 Service Guard. You can use both or either of the methods. Both verification types use the Verification Providers you set up in Harness.

Deployment Verification

Deployment Verification verifies the first 15 minutes of deployments. Deployment verification is set up using a Harness Workflow.

For an excellent example of Deployment Verification, see the Harness Blog post, How Rolls Back Production in 32 Seconds.

Video Webinar

The following Webinar provides an introduction to how Harness Continuous Delivery leverages unsupervised machine learning to verify production deployments for customers using their APM and log data.

24/7 Service Guard

24/7 Service Guard verifies the live, production application 24/7. 24/7 Service Guard verification is set up in a Harness Environment. For more information, see 24/7 Service Guard.

For an overview of 24/7 Service Guard, see the Harness Blog post, Harness 24/7 Service Guard Empowers Developers with Total Operational Control.

Video Summary

Analysis Methods and Best Practices

Harness CV uses a number of analysis methods and provides controls for you to tune them for your deployments. See CV Strategies, Tuning, and Best Practices.

Supported Providers

The following list provides links to the CV topics for each verification provider.

Blog Articles

The following blog articles cover a range of Verification Providers and discuss Harness Continuous Verification functionality.

Machine Learning and Continuous Delivery

Can you apply Machine Learning to Continuous Delivery?

Interested in turning your deployment canary into a cybernetic living organism? Awesome, this blog is for you.

Harness Eliminates False Positives

How Harness Eliminates False Positives with Neural Nets

For the past 10 months at Harness, we have been analyzing application log events to help customers detect anomalies and verify their production deployments. To do this, our algorithms have been based on textual similarity and occurrence frequencies. Harness has native integration for popular log aggregation tools such as Splunk, ELK, Sumo Logic and so on.


Harness Extends Continuous Verification To Dynatrace

One of our early customers,, used to verify production deployments with 5-6 team leads manually analyzing monitoring data and log files. This process took each team lead 60 minutes, and occurred 3 times a week. That’s 1,080 minutes, or 18 hours, of team lead time spent on verification. With Harness, reduced verification time to just 15 minutes, and also enabled automatic rollback to occur in production.


Introducing Harness Service Impact Verification for AppDynamics

AppDynamics announced a new partnership with Harness to help customers embrace continuous delivery and understand the business impact of every application deployment.


Automating Deployment Health Checks with Prometheus and Harness Continuous Delivery

Overview of Harness' integration with Prometheus, the open-source monitoring project.


Harness Extends Continuous Verification To Datadog

Overview of Harness' integration with Datadog APM.

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