Service Infrastructures

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This topic discusses Harness Service Infrastructures, which are part of a Harness Environment.

Infrastructure Definition replaces Service Infrastructure as the method for defining your target infrastructure. Currently, Infrastructure Definition is behind a feature flag. Contact Harness Support to migrate to Infrastructure Definitions.

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Service Infrastructure Overview

The Service Infrastructure for an Environment is where you specify a deployment infrastructure, using a Cloud Provider you added in Add Cloud Providers, a deployment type, such Kubernetes, and the specific infrastructure details for the deployment, like VPC settings.

Add a Service Infrastructure

To add a Service Infrastructure, do the following:

This example covers platforms that use clusters, such as Kubernetes and ECS, but the steps are similar for other platforms.
  1. In an Application, open an Environment.
  2. In Service Infrastructure, click Add Service Infrastructure. The Service Infrastructure dialog appears.
  3. In Service, click the name of the Service that will deploy to this Environment.
  4. In Deployment Type, click a deployment type such as Kubernetes.
  5. In Cloud Provider, click the cloud provider where you will deploy the service.
  6. Click Next. Harness will retrieve the cluster information from the cloud provider you selected.
  7. In Cluster Name, click the name of the cluster where you want to deploy the service.
  8. In Namespace, select the name of the cluster namespace.
  9. Click SUBMIT. The infrastructure is listed under Service Infrastructure.

For some Service Infrastructures, you will need to select VPC details and enter Connection Attributes. Connection Attributes are SSH keys used to connect to hosts in the VPC. This authentication is different from that performed by the Cloud Provider you select, which is used for API communication.

Connection Attributes use SSH keys set up in Harness Secrets. For more information, see Secrets Management.

For information about how a Service Infrastructure is used in specific deployments, see Deployments Overview.

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