Upgrade to Helm 3 Charts in Kubernetes Services

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This topic describes how to upgrade your Harness Kubernetes Service to use Helm 3 charts.

You can use Helm 3 charts in both Kubernetes and native Helm Services. For information on upgrading native Helm Services, see Upgrade Native Helm 2 Deployments to Helm 3.

What's a native Helm deployment in Harness? Harness provides Kubernetes deployments that use Helm charts without requiring Helm or Tiller be installed in your target environment. These are called Harness Kubernetes deployments. This is the recommended method. If you want to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster using Helm explicitly, you can use native Helm deployments. You simply choose Helm as the Deployment Type when you create a Harness Service.

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Step 1: Upgrade the Helm Version Number

  1. In Harness, locate a Service that uses Helm charts, or where you plan on using Helm charts.
  2. In your Harness Kubernetes Service, click the Configure As Code button (</>). The index.yaml for your Service contains the current Helm version used as helmVersion: V2:
    If helmVersion is not listed, do not worry. You can add it.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Do one of the following:
  • Change helmVersion: V2 to helmVersion: V3.
  • Add helmVersion: V3.
  1. Click Save.

You can now use Helm 3 charts.

Step 2: Add Your Helm 3 Charts

You can add charts using one of the following options:

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