Add Notification Groups

​Notification groups allow you to define groups of users to notify user of different events.​

​To set up a notification group, do the following:​

  1. Click Setup.
  2. In Account, click Notification Groups.
  3. In Notification Groups, click Add Notification Group.

The Notification Group dialog has the following fields.



Group Name

Give your notification group a name, such as DevOps.

Email Addresses

Enter the email address for the group members, separated by commas and spaces. For example,,

Slack Channels

Enter any Slack channels, for example as #sales.

You can route different event types to different Slack channels (e.g. successful deployment to channel A, failed deployments to channel B).​ ​When setting up a workflow, under Notification Strategy, choose the Notification Group to use when a specific event takes place.  

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