Harness On-Premise Overview

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In addition to the Harness SaaS offering, Harness offers on-premises editions.

This topic describes the major difference between the SaaS and on-premises offerings, and then describes the two Harness On-Prem editions.

In this topic:

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Harness SaaS vs On-Prem

The following table covers the major differences between our SaaS and On-Prem editions. It can be useful when deciding on which edition to use.

Harness SaaS

Harness On-Prem

Platform Management



Hardware Cost


Hardware Maintenance


Continuous Updates




TLS/SSL Outbound

TLS/SSL Outbound

Data Governance

No Corporate Data Leaves Firewall

No Corporate Data Leaves Firewall

Avg. Onboarding Time



Avg. Site Readiness



Avg. Support Res. Time



Harness On-Premise Offerings

On-premise offerings provide both online and offline (air gapped) methods of installation and updates.

Let's looks at each offering:

Kubernetes Cluster On-Prem

In Kubernetes Cluster On-Prem, Harness installs into an existing Kubernetes cluster you have set up.

To set up Kubernetes Cluster On-Prem, use the following topics:

  1. Kubernetes Cluster On-Prem: Infrastructure Requirements
  2. Kubernetes Cluster On-Prem: Kubernetes Cluster Setup

Virtual Machine (VM) On-Prem

In Virtual Machine On-Prem, Harness installs Kubernetes and the On-Prem cluster into your VMs.

GCP Architecture

AWS Architecture

To set up Virtual Machine On-Prem, use the following topics:

  1. Virtual Machine On-Prem: Infrastructure Requirements
  2. Virtual Machine On-Prem: Installation Guide

Legacy Editions

Topics on the previous On-Prem editions:

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