Add Application Stacks

You can use an application stack or catalog to define the runtime environment to use when deploying your service. There are two options to choose from:

  • Use a Harness built-in application stack. Harness includes several common application stacks, such as Tomcat 7.
  • Upload your own application stack. Upload your application stack file as described below.

Next, add the application stack when you create your Harness Service.

You can choose to Include your application stack as part of the artifact you attach to your Harness Service. In this case, when you create a Service, leave the Application Stack field untouched (do not choose any of the options in that list).

Add an Application Stack or Catalog

To add an application stack or catalog, do the following:

  1. Click Setup.
  2. In Account, click Application Stacks.
  3. Click Add Application Stack.

The Application Stack dialog appears.

The Application Stack dialog has the following fields.




Click the name of the application stack family.


Enter the version number, such as Tomcat 6.


Enter a name for the application stack.


Enter a description for the application stack.

App Stack Archive File

Upload the app stack file. For example, here are the Tomcat app stack files for multiple platforms on Bitnami.


Enter the checksum to ensure transition and storage integrity.

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