Add Collaboration Providers

To collaborate and share Harness information with other users and groups, add a Collaboration Provider. You can use your SMTP server, Jira, or ServiceNow for deployment notifications, approvals, and tracking. In this topic:

Before You Begin

Option: SMTP

Configuring your SMTP server is required only if you are using Harness On-Prem, or if you are using Harness SaaS and wish to use your own SMTP server instead of the Harness SaaS default SMTP option.

For details about Harness email notifications, see User Notifications and Alert Settings.

Option: Jira

Atlassian Jira is a standard tool for dev teams, providing project management and issue tracking throughout the software delivery lifecycle. By integrating Harness with Jira, you can;

  • Track the progress of deployments by creating and updating Jira issues from Harness.
  • Approve deployment stages by using Jira issues as part of Workflow and Pipeline approvals.

For instructions on using Jira in Workflows and Pipelines, see Jira Integration. To integrate Jira with Harness Verification features, see File Jira Tickets on Verification Events.

Option: ServiceNow

Using ServiceNow tickets, you can track/audit the progress of Harness deployments (and Pipelines) and approve/reject Pipeline stages or Workflows.

For steps on using ServiceNow in Workflows and Pipelines, see ServiceNow Integration.

Next Steps

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