Enable Cost Reports Using Email

Updated 1 month ago by Archana Singh

You can specify a communication strategy to receive your consolidated Harness Continuous Efficiency (CE) weekly cost report. The cost report can be sent on an email address or you can set Slack notifications.

Before You Begin

Step: Send Weekly Cost Report Using Email

You can receive your weekly cost report to your email address. Perform the following steps to add your email address:

  1. In Continuous Efficiency, in Settings, click Communication.
  2. In Cost Report, select the checkbox Email me weekly cost report.
  3. In Send report to others, enter the email address to which you want to receive the weekly cost report and click Add.
  4. Turn on the Email Subscription to receive the weekly cost report. To delete the subscription, select the trashcan icon or turn-off the Email Subscription.

    Selecting the trashcan icon deletes the subscription as well as removes the email address from the list.

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