Azure Web App Deployment Rollback

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Currently, this feature is in Beta and behind a Feature Flag. Contact Harness Support to enable the feature. Feature Flags can only be removed for Harness Professional and Essentials editions. Once the feature is released to a general audience, it is available for Trial and Community Editions.

Harness performs rollback on failed Azure Web App deployments.

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Rollback Summary

For Azure Web App deployments, Harness saves the previous Docker details that were running on the slot.

In case of an Azure Web App deployment failure, Harness rollback redeploys the previous Docker instance.

Slot Rollback

Harness initially deploys to the source (staging) slot and then swaps slots with the target (production) slot.

As the source slot is the slot is where Harness deploys the new Web App version, Harness rolls back the app version in the source slot only.

Harness does not rollback the app version in the target slot.

Traffic Rollback

Harness returns all traffic to the previous, pre-deployment percentages.

If the pre-deployment traffic was arranged with the source slot at 20% and the target slot at 80%, rollback will return network traffic to these percentages.

Rollback Example

Here's an example of a rollback:

Rollback Logs

Here's the log activity from a rollback with the timestamps removed:

Sending request for stopping deployment slot - [stage]
Operation - [Stop Slot] was success
Request sent successfully

Start updating Container settings for slot - [stage]
Start cleaning existing container settings

Current state for deployment slot is - [Stopped]
Deployment slot stopped successfully

Start updating application configurations for slot - [stage]
Deployment slot configuration updated successfully

Existing container settings deleted successfully
Start cleaning existing image settings

Existing image settings deleted successfully
Start updating Container settings:

Container settings updated successfully
Start updating container image and tag:
[library/nginx:1.19-alpine-perl], web app hosting OS [LINUX]

Image and tag updated successfully for slot [stage]
Deployment slot container settings updated successfully

Sending request for starting deployment slot - [stage]
Operation - [Start Slot] was success
Request sent successfully

Sending request to shift [0.00] traffic to deployment slot: [stage]

Current state for deployment slot is - [Running]
Deployment slot started successfully

Traffic percentage updated successfully

The following task - [SLOT_ROLLBACK] completed successfully

Post-Production Rollback

To see if Post-Production Rollback is supported for Azure Web App deployments, see Rollback Production Deployments.

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