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You can link to a template or simply copy the template to a Workflow. A copied template does not provide version control like a linked template.

When you add a command by linking to a Template, the Template often shows you Template variables that you must provides values for.

When you copy a Template, it is similar to creating a new command, and so the variables from the Template do not appear. For example, a new Shell Script command would not have existing variables, and so copying a Shell Script command Template will not have the variables either.

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Before You Begin

Step: Copy a Template

To copy a template to a Workflow, do the following:

  1. In your Application, open a Workflow.
  2. Click Add Command. The Add Command dialog appears.
  3. Click Select from Application Template Library or Select from Shared Template Library.
  4. Click the arrow next to the Link option, and then click Copy.
    Once the template is copied to the Workflow, it is not longer part of the versioning of the template in a Template Library. Consequently, the version number for the copied command is reset to Version: 1.
  5. Edit the copied command as needed.

Next Steps

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