Whitelist Harness Domains and IPs

Updated 1 month ago by Michael Cretzman

Harness SaaS Delegates only need outbound access to the Harness domain name (most commonly, app.harness.io) and, optionally, to logging.googleapis.com.

The URL logging.googleapis.com is used to provide logs to Harness support.

Harness Manager

Users of the Harness Manager browser client need access to app.harness.io and static.harness.io. This is not a Harness Delegate requirement. It's simply for users to use the browser-based Harness Manager.

Vanity URL

If you are using a Harness vanity URL, like mycompany.harness.io, you can whitelist it also.

Whitelist Harness SaaS IPs

The following list is optional. You can whitelist these IPs if needed.

Harness will not change IPs without 30 days notice to all customers. If a security emergency requires a change, all customers will be notified.

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