Delegate Server Requirements

The article lists the system and network requirements for the server running the Harness Delegate.

For the permissions and ports required by the Delegate for the different providers supported by Harness, see Delegate Connection Requirements.

Delegate Server Requirements

The Delegate is installed in your network and connects to the Harness Manager.

  • Linux/UNIX server/container.
  • Minimum 8GB RAM.
  • Minimum 6GB disk space.
  • Access to artifact servers, deployment environments, and cloud providers
Multiple Delegates can be used and their scope can be managed. For more information, see Delegate Scope.

Delegate System Access Requirements

  • The Delegate does NOT require root account access.

Network Requirements

The following network requirements are for connectivity between the Harness Delegate you run in your network and the Harness Manager (SaaS or On-Premise), and for your browser connection to the Harness Manager.

All network connections from your local network to Harness SaaS are outbound-only.
  • HTTPS port 443 outbound from installed delegate to Harness.
  • HTTPS port 443 from your browser to Harness.
  • Delegate requirements: API/SSH/HTTP access to:
    • Cloud providers.
    • Container orchestration tools.
    • Verification providers.
    • Continuous integration tools.
    • Artifact repositories.
    • Source repositories.
    • Collaboration providers.
    • SSH access to physical and virtual servers.

For more information, see Supported Technologies.

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