Pause All Triggers using Deployment Freeze

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You can stop all of your Harness Triggers from executing deployments using Harness Deployment Freeze.

Deployment Freeze is a Harness Governance feature that stops all Harness deployments, including their Triggers. A deployment freeze helps ensure stability during periods of low engineering and support activity, such as holidays, trade shows, or company events.

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Before You Begin

Step 1: Enable Deployment Freeze

The following procedure freezes both manual and Trigger-based deployments:

  1. In Security, click Governance. The Deployment Governance settings appear.
  2. Slide the Deployment Freeze slider to ON.
  3. Click Confirm. The Deployment Freeze is now enabled.

Option: Add Deployment Freeze Window

Currently, the Deployment Freeze Window feature is behind a feature flag. Contact Harness Support to enable this feature.

By default, a Deployment Freeze takes effect account-wide as soon as you enable it, and remains in effect until you manually  disable it. However, you can modify this behavior by adding Deployment Freeze Windows, which restrict the freeze to a range of days and (optionally) Harness Applications.

You can define (add) Deployment Freeze Windows even while the Deployment Freeze slider is set to OFF. But the Deployment Freeze must be enabled in order for the Deployment Freeze Windows to take effect.

To add a Deployment Freeze Window:

  1. On the Deployment Governance page, click Add.
  2. In the resulting modal, you must select at least one Environment Type.
  3. Optionally, click Select Applications to restrict the Deployment Freeze Window to one or multiple Harness Applications.
  4. Use the date pickers to set a start and end date. Then click Submit.
The Specific Date Range that you set is implemented as midnight to midnight, UTC.

The Deployment Governance page now displays the Deployment Freeze Window that you've set.

To add more Deployment Freeze Windows, just repeat the above procedure.

Step 2: Verify Deployment Freeze

To see the effects of Deployment Freeze, click Continuous Deployments. The Start New Deployment button is disabled.

These other Harness Manager elements are also disabled:

  • Rerun deployment button in Deployments.
  • Deploy button in Workflow.
  • Deploy button in Pipeline.

Step 3: Cancel Deployment Freeze

To disable Deployment Freeze (including any scheduled Freeze Windows), just move the Deployment Governance page's slider back to OFF, and then click Confirm when prompted.

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