Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition - Kubernetes Cluster: Add Ingress Controller Service Annotations

Updated 3 weeks ago by Michael Cretzman

In Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition - Kubernetes Cluster, you can annotate the Ingress controller to customize its behavior.

Annotations are done in the KOTS admin tool's Nginx Ingress Controller Service Annotations settings. Next, you simply redeploy.

Before You Begin

Step 1: Open Advanced Configurations

In the KOTs admin tool, click Config.

Click Advanced Configurations.

Click Advanced Configurations.

Scroll down to Nginx Ingress Controller Service Annotations.

Step 2: Annotate Nginx Ingress Controller Service

In Nginx Ingress Controller Service Annotations, enter the annotation(s). See NGINX Ingress Controller Annotations and Ingress Controllers from Kubernetes for examples.

Click Save Config.

Step 3: Deploy

Click Version History in the top nav.

Click Deploy for the new version.

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