Harness On-Prem Release Notes

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This document contains release notes for both the Harness Connected On-Prem and Harness Disconnected On-Prem editions.

For Harness SaaS release notes, see Harness SaaS Release Notes.

Release notes are displayed with the most recent release first.

Minor Release 73225

Release Date: Jan 6, 2021

We're pleased to present Harness On-Premise Minor Release 73225.

General What's New and Early Access

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features were added to the Harness platform components:

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  • Use IAM AssumeRole with Terraform Provisioner (CDP-19707)
    • This feature is behind the feature flag TERRAFORM_AWS_CP_AUTHENTICATION.
    • If you want to use a specific AWS role for Terraform Provision, Apply, and Destroy steps' provisioning, you can select the AWS Cloud Provider, Region, and Role ARN.
    • See Option: AWS Cloud Provider, Region, Role ARN.
  • Users with Execute Pipeline permission but not Execute Workflow permission can now abort/pause/edit Workflows in Pipelines (CDC-14155)
    • The Execute Pipeline permission now lets a user edit Workflows in Pipelines even if the user does not have the Execute Workflow permission.
    • Workflows that are not part of any Pipelines are still governed by Execute Workflow permission.
    • See Managing Users and Groups (RBAC).
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Issues Fixed in the Release

  • Pipeline failed with Workflow grayed out (CDC-15677, CDC-16042, ZD-20466)
    • When pipeline had many stages in parallel, pipeline execution used to intermittently fail with workflow being grayed out. We suspected the root cause of this to be a race condition between threads. We did fix it and added log lines to confirm the fix.
  • Workflow incomplete on adding Custom Shell Script Approval with Delegate Selector step (CDC-15205, ZD-20011, ZD-20527, ZD-21104)
    • Intermittent issues with corrupt Workflows and Pipelines when using Delegate Selectors with Custom Shell Script Approval. This change fixes the issue.

Component Versions

The following table lists the component versions in this release.









Verification Service




Learning Engine


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